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Aug 09

"The Schnork Chronicles” follows two GPS geeks on their quest around Oslo, Norway, in search of public sculpture.

Projected on an old-style slide projector, the photo series can be read as a catalogue of all existing abstract modernist public sculpture in and around Oslo: Remnants of a very important phase of cultural modernization in the first years and decades of the post war era, as seen by two GPS geeks who are not in the least bit interested in art history.

Alongside the slide projections, Portuguese artist and radio host Filipe Cravo will create a radio show exclusively for Tiib, fulfilling the impossible and somewhat absurd task of choosing music “inspired by abstract modernist public sculpture”.

“The Schnork Chronicles” is a tribute to an art historical era: Going against the idea of abstract art as timeless and universal, both the photos and the music are in essence a humoristic and antiheroic attempt to understand abstraction.

Sigbjørn Bratlie (NO)

is a Norwegian artist working with installation, painting, video and performance. His art practice has a conceptual and analytical undertone, and humour is an important part of it.

A key ingredient in his way of working is what he likes to call «the artist as anti-hero» – i.e. – the artist who desperately tries to create profound, deep-felt and groundbreaking work, but who usually fails miserably. This strategy accounts for a lot of the humour in his work.

For his 2-month stay at Ptarmigan, Tallinn, Sigbjørn Bratlie has taken it upon himself to learn the Estonian language, go see an Estonian shrink, and sort out all his emotional and psychological issues. His art project will be based in video and performance, and will deal with communication in a foreign language: Situations where access to meaning and understanding is greatly limited because of language problems.

In conjunction with the event, there will also be a presentation of the artist’s earlier projects



May 04


The Totaldobze Art Center from Riga, Latvia will present Idearium, an interactive installation, in the garden of Tiib. Between 17:00 - 20:00, please come by to experience the project and enjoy an outdoor picnic.

If it rains, we'll go inside!

Idea Planting is a visual and ever-evolving work-action composed by Laura Prikule in 2009 and performed on various occasions and at different circumstances.  With recent stops in Stockholm and Riga, the up-comming event at Tallinn's Tiib Gallery, also done in cooperation with Totaldobze artists Kaspars Lielgalvis and Eva Vevere, will be the next stage in the Idea-Tour. 

Idea-growth is a serious part of human life. The act of planting is a vital test for the idea's adaptability to life-conditions. Both visible and invisible ideas are subjugated to this experiment. The Idea-Plants manifest as an international eco-system of concepts, dreams and insights. The participants of the action expand the limits of this plantation and influence its character.  
Please feel free to bring food and drink for the picnic and most importantly, bring your ideas!

Eva and Laura will be performing later in the night at Ptarmigan.

Mar 10

It's an exhibition of painting and a video, and the cube. And wind. Things are as simple and clear as they are. And as obvious but fantastic as the interaction of humans, nature and facetted being of things.